Misc. Info

encalibre was the project name for a series of designes and ventures i started in my teens
"en" for in, inside, or into, and "calibur" for the old definition of a mold;
it's a silly take from the legendary sword in the stone

we are located in Alberta Canada
but we have called many places our homes in the past,
including Toronto, Sudbury, Harbin, Taipei, and the small town of Espanola

all graphics on this site were created or modified through GIMP and INKSCAPE
coding for this site were done on Bluefish using a Kubuntu box
and all personal works are original

Thank you for visiting our small site
I hope you found something of interest in all the mess
if you see something you like please do give us a shout through pobox at encalibur dot come

- 霈、妍